Prize Beyond the Grave

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I will never get hurt just to lose my heart
Nor drown in my tears just to fall down
For this nasty stress will eventually bless
This hate to hardly permit the fate
Be unkind to free up my soul and mind

I will tremble but hardly stumble
For I intend to defend
The tearful memories from being fearful
And the eternity to transform my integrity
From rugs to ever waving flags

I will pray for the best not to be left astray
As I will trail the devil never to frail
And bear the pain with no one to share nor care
For I know I will only fall
Physically but victorious spiritually

I swear I will be there
Not a slave tipped into an early grave
For I will rise to get my prize
And bow to say wow!
God, I am thankful
Though the journey has been painful

Today I pray on bruised knees
A man on the rugged edge of tears and exhaustion
Gliding in dark shadows of hatred and solitude
So shall I behold of tomorrow
For my quality is yet to be recognized
In this world of different expectations.


Aubrey Chinguwo

Aubrey Chinguwo is a Malawian award winning author. He has published a lot of short stories in the country’s local newspapers, magazines and anthologies. His short story ‘Closer to the Sun’ is also featured in the international anthology ‘Imagine Africa 500’ edited by Billy Kahora.

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